Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Camp

I almost forgot for a week was at a spring camp teaching English. The kids were nice but kinda eccentric they changed clothes like 3 times a day and I am pretty sure that's the amount i change in a good week.First picture is facing one way, the second one is of a cafe I saw and thought was cool, third one is facing the other way on the coast line. Really pretty place.


So there was a terrorist attack in Marrakech which is a big city in Morocco. For back ground info its a UNESCO historic site so basically if you wanna see cool shit in the world you should probably see it. Well for volunteers its kind of a pain in the ass since its a tourist site when we get there to work we get treated like tourist well I don't really unless I'm with the fairer skin volunteers. The bombing is awful for many reasons first because all attacks are pretty despicable acts. For more to home reasons it makes people worry about us like the US gov and if they get too worried we have to go home and I don't want any part of that. Other news been working my a off, tried and failed to climb a mountain. Their was no trail so reaching the top was impossible for someone like me I'll try again later when I get in better shape.
Its kinda hard to see but I got to that tree in the middle and then said f it. The second picture is the view from the tree.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Omar's coming

For the last 2 months there have been a lot of protests in the region where I currently live. From Morocco to all Egypt basically the north coast of Africa and then into to the middle east. My small little town even had protest but it was mostly to show the government that there are problems here and would love assistance.  I was told I can't really talk about politics so  I'll leave it as I am good over here so no problems. Otherwise I've lost about 50 pounds here which is kind of ridiculous since I walk a little more and eat way better. The walking part is all me since it helps me keep a little bit of sanity but the eating part is kind of forced on you when the closet McDonald is a couple 100 kms away yes I just used km I don't feel like converting to miles. Well hope everyone else is good.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sorry my laptop

I am using my friends net book right now but don't want to overuse it so haven't really been online much. To update whats going on with me. My computer broke the day of the eagles packers game so it was really shitty day all around. Ive been studying and reading more so it hasn't been that bad but very boring. I walk a lot more too and in the last month I've fought with a dog and a rooster. The dog wasn't that exciting i picked up a rock threw it at the dog missed and me and him had a staring contest for 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure he got bored. The rooster tried to cheap shot me in the back of my knee but I booted the crap out of it. We did that shit 3 times before he was like I'm about to get knocked the fuck out. Other events painted a dental hygiene mural, been teaching English with my site mate at the dar shebab(youth center), trying to work with my association, and just naturally losing a shit ton of weight. When i move into this house with internets and my laptop situation is cool I'll be able to post more until then my bad.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mountain Life

These are just some pictures of my town and fam, shit is going good you stop noticing the hard stuff after a while. I'll probably look back and think how the hell did I survive that but right now life is pretty interesting and fun for me. The last picture is of the dude I work with after Leid look it up pretty important Islam holiday that I never heard of before I got here. Look at facebook for other bs.

My Mountains

Monday, November 22, 2010

My president is black, my echo is gold

and I am staying in my same site in the mountains for the next two years. Sorry to my three loyal followers for not updating but that shouldn't be a surprise. I am pretty pumped for the next two years right now since I think I can make somewhat of a difference. Otherwise I'll put pictures on facebook or when I have internet cause the connection is super slow everywhere I go.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No NBA JAMS for 2 years

Sorry for not keeping this up to date. I learned something really cool from just the month of being here. You get used to everything. I mean if you are flexible you get used to everything.  It does stink not being able to watch football on Sunday but other than that being here is pretty nice.  I walk around a lot and take hikes. I go online probably every other day but I spend most of that time reading the news and downloading podcasts, the main reason I haven’t been really keeping this blog updated.  This lifestyle is pretty much the opposite of how I usually live in America if you know me so maybe I will live past 35. I am actually paying attention during class and learning Moroccan Arabic or Diraja the local language way faster than I thought I was capable of.  The people of my town are super friendly and helpful. When I or the other volunteers can’t really say something correctly they don’t ignore us but instead try to help us understand. Have any questions leave a comment or e-mail me. Also, I will try to have pictures with my next post which I will hopefully do next week and keep up with that frequency of posting.